28 February 2015

Jen-Ken adds new 26" kiln to ProFusion Series

We are proud to intoduce the AFG ProFusion 26... The perfect size between the 16" and the 36" where a full sheet of Bullseye's Tekta can be fired with no compromises!

This is one of the new generation of kilns made from rigid fiber that is hard as a rock. No more fluffy stuff that pills and tares as we all have had that horrible "tiny piece of fiber on my glass" experience. It's 100% fiber top means it heats and cools really fast when you want it to, but can also be programmed for long slow anneals. Plus, it's on a 32" high heavy metal stand with casters so you can place it anywhere in your studio!

This kiln rocks so, what are you waiting for??? #profusion26 #jenkenkilns #fiberkilns

26 February 2015

Hurry Evenheat Prices Increase on 3/1!

Just thought you'd want to know that in just a few days the prices on all Evenheat Kilns will increase. If you've been eyeing a new Evenheat kiln, now is your time to act! Check out the best of Evenheat Kilns at the best prices with FREE shipping! #evenheatkilns

Kingpin 88 adds pre-set programs for Metal Clay

From our friends @ Evenheat...

Evenheat is happy to announce the addition of preset programs to the Kingpin 88 metal clay kiln for Metal Adventures BRONZclay, COPPRclay, WHITE COPPRclay and Burnout Stage for WHITE COPPRclay. Programming is simple, just choose the metal clay style you’re working with and the Kingpin 88 takes care of the rest.

BRONZclay, COPPRclay and WHITE COPPRclay metal clays are very popular, easy to work with and give fantastic results. The addition of these preset programs to our Kingpin 88 makes working with these metal clays that much easier and enjoyable. Evenheat’s Kingpin 88 also includes preset firing programs for Art Clay, PMC and Prometheus as well as allowing for custom programming. #kingpin88 #evenheatkilns #metalclay

25 February 2015

Welcome to the Frog Blog

Follow us on our journey... new kiln announcements, pricing updates, kiln pointers plus much, much more! #frogblog

New 17" Evenheat kiln runs on 120v

New for 2015 and measuring in at 17" x 17" x 6.5", the Studio Pro 17 STP is the largest 120V glass firing kiln in the industry! It has a 16" x 16" sqaure shelf and has a max temp of 1650°F. We are so excited that Evenheat has brought this kiln to the marketplace! #fusedglass #evenheatkilns

New Facebook App on Shopify

We just love shopify!  They have a new app that connects our webiste directly to Facebook. It's so awesome! #facebook #shopify