28 February 2015

Jen-Ken adds new 26" kiln to ProFusion Series

We are proud to intoduce the AFG ProFusion 26... The perfect size between the 16" and the 36" where a full sheet of Bullseye's Tekta can be fired with no compromises!

This is one of the new generation of kilns made from rigid fiber that is hard as a rock. No more fluffy stuff that pills and tares as we all have had that horrible "tiny piece of fiber on my glass" experience. It's 100% fiber top means it heats and cools really fast when you want it to, but can also be programmed for long slow anneals. Plus, it's on a 32" high heavy metal stand with casters so you can place it anywhere in your studio!

This kiln rocks so, what are you waiting for??? #profusion26 #jenkenkilns #fiberkilns