02 August 2015

BIGGER, FASTER and MORE PORTABLE KILN! ...and my 2-cents on the value!

It isn't often that we get this type of opportunity and we are so genuinely excited to share it with you. So, with out further hesitation, Jen-Ken and Kiln Frog are proud to announce the newest member of the Pro-Fusion Fiber Line...

The Jen-Ken Pro-Fusion 14!  

This limited edition kiln is BIGGER, FASTER and MORE PORTABLE than any other fiber kiln!  As this kiln is an exclusive to us at KILN FROG, it will ONLY available for a short time and is in VERY LIMITED QUANITY.  Did we mention that we were excited about this kiln? And, that this killer price that includes FREE SHIPPING! Check it out HERE! (It's so low we can't even post it!)

Here's the scoop!
  • This awesome fiber kiln will fire to full fusing temperatures in 35 minutes!
  • You'll have a full square foot of firing space! - That's 12" x 12" x 6" of firing space!
  • This kiln can be ordered with a 3-key or a 12-key controller!
  • You can fire on Fiber... or on a Clay shelf
  • You can plug this kiln into ANY household 120 Volt-20 amp plug! - No need for a Dedicated Circuit!
  • There's a built in Stand! 
  • This kiln has the famous JUMP START preprogramming you love!
  • There are a limited number of these new models available until production goes into full distribution!
So... Here's my two cents: The Pro-Fusion Fiber Line of kilns is so unique and innovative that everyone wants at least one fiber kiln in their studio. This kiln is perfect for just about all fusing projects including jewelry, plates, bowls, window panels, and more. it's fast, light, easy to fire.
Most importantly, we think it's the best deal in the entire Pro-Fusion Fiber line! When you check out the price you'll see that you get more square firing space than the 15" round "Bonnie Glo" model (You can only fire a 9.5" square in a 13" interior round kiln.) In a 12" square interior kiln you can fire a 12" square and a 12" round. That's more space for your money! Plus, you get that world famous Jen-Ken service that everyone talks about!

If you have been waiting to buy a fiber kiln... NOW IS YOUR TIME!  And, if you have any questions, just send us an e-mail and, as always, we will be happy to help.

Your Kiln Gal - Gail